Historic Eames Building

Manhattan, Kansas

Commissioned by Frank Eames, a wealthy New York broker, and designed by Topeka-based architect Theodore Lescher, the Eames Building was constructed in 1890. This two-story limestone structure features cut limestone trim, red granite columns, and metal cornice that separates the two floors. Early occupants of the building included the First National Bank, YMCA, and Spot Cash, which claimed to have the cheapest goods in Riley County. In its heyday, Spot Cash occupied all three levels, including Manhattan’s first “bargain basement.”

With the second floor vacant for more than 20 years, Capstone3D spent nearly four years planning and executing an ambitious renovation, bringing much-needed modernization while ensuring the building’s historic integrity. A number of original features were meticulously restored, including the central atrium, tin ceiling, skylights, windows, woodwork, and plaster walls, as well as six vaults from the years numerous banks called the Eames home.

The Eames Building now stands as one of downtown Manhattan’s most prominent buildings. With an eye firmly gazed on fostering community connection, inspired productivity, and economic vitality, it is also primed to become one its most preeminent.

In 2013, the Eames Building was awarded the Commercial Whole Building Restoration Award from the Manhattan/Riley County Preservation Alliance.

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