Grace House

917 Laramie | Manhattan, Kansas


Mrs. E.R. Rudy, or Miss Grace Rudy as she was affectionately known, was a prominent member of Manhattan society in the early decades of the 20th century. When not traveling to visit friends and family or welcoming them into her own home, Miss Grace was a consummate entertainer. She was actively involved in the Christian church and frequently hosted Bethany Circle events, including evenings “at thimbles” and the Annual Fall Bethany Reception, for which the rooms were “decorated with bright fall leaves, pumpkins and black cats.” Grace’s 1916 New Year’s Eve “Watch Party,” held in honor of her holiday guests, made the newspapers, as did the elaborate linen shower she threw to celebrate her sister, Miss Hazel Rudy’s, upcoming wedding.

With a restoration process that spanned eight years and several phases, Grace House now includes five one- and two-bedroom apartments. This home provides a compelling connection to the past while embracing a contemporary living experience.

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