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The dream for Capstone3D began over 20 years ago. It started with a simple notion to fix up older homes and save some of the native tallgrass prairie in and around our hometown of Manhattan, Kansas. Along the way, driven by a potent set of values — purpose, stewardship, authenticity, simplicity, connection, and gratitude — our twin efforts of restoration and preservation combined into the compelling mission that guides us today: to create Space for Life.

We believe that the spaces in which we live, work, rest, and celebrate have a powerful effect on us. We are not immune to our surroundings. Rather, we are intricately connected to them, and people have ever sought to make them more personal, more special, more inspiring. How we design, build, protect, and share those spaces should not be a trivial afterthought. It should be one of life’s greatest joys, and we see ourselves as stewards, committed to creating and operating uncommon spaces that both enrich and inspire.

Accordingly, we infuse an unparalleled level of care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail into each of our spaces. And with each, we’ve discovered we aren’t merely restoring their inherent qualities, we’re enhancing them, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary — elevating their potential beyond the physical. Again and again, we continue to fall in love with this transformative process, of creating not just inspiring, uncommon spaces for our guests to enjoy, but in providing space which fosters connection to place and people, inspires special moments, and transforms time into unique and meaningful experiences.

The Katzenmeiers

Capstone3D’s stewardship of these enriching spaces is led by owners Kail and Becky Katzenmeier. Natives of Kansas and graduates of Kansas State University, they live amongst the rolling hills of the tallgrass prairie just outside Manhattan. From their early days rehabbing rental properties to the creation of Prairiewood Retreat & Preserve to our recent foray into Minnesota with NorthLight Lodging, their passion is our passion, their journey our story.

Our Story: Capstone3D 1995-2019

As our journey continues, we hope you will become a part of that story. Whether through our hospitality destinations, rental properties, or residential development, we invite you to experience Space for Life with us.

Our Organization


“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

— Francis Chan

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