Meet Our Team

Kail Katzenmeier – President & Owner

Kail has lived in Manhattan for over 20 years. After graduating from KSU in 1994, Kail went on to begin several successful companies prior to founding Capstone3D Development Studio in 2000. His vision to create an artisan development company — one that both benefits its clients and enhances its community — can be found throughout the culture of Capstone3D. Kail and his wife Becky have three children: Emily, Anna, and Gabriel. When not leading the charge for Capstone3D, Kail can often be found exploring the Flint Hills he so loves.

Becky Katzenmeier – Owner

After graduating from Kansas State University in 1996 with a degree in Secondary Education, Becky and Kail began a journey of restoration and preservation with a handful of rental properties, bringing their unique approach to each property. While the number of properties has grown, the care and attention to detail they bring out in each unique offering has not changed. Today, Becky brings leadership to many aspects of the Capstone3D organization, including directing its Minnesota segment, NorthLight Lodging. When not working to uplift the Capstone3D team in their profession and passion, she encourages her three children to find their own passions while living in the tallgrass prairie.

Daemon Honeycutt – Director of Operations

Daemon has been in the construction industry for over 25 years, and during that time has acquired an extensive knowledge of building practices and techniques, and has built over 80 homes. Prior to Capstone3D, Daemon owned and operated Honeycutt Construction. In 2009, Honeycutt Construction and Capstone3D saw the opportunity to merge, which further bolstered our unique and innovative construction process. Daemon now brings his incredible knack for efficiency, sequencing, and problem solving to all the daily operations within the Capstone3d ecosystem. Daemon lives in Wamego with his wife, Kim, and his two daughters, Adison and Hailey.

Tony Fontanini – Director of Leasing

Tony has been a steadfast influence on our company and culture for over 10 years. His prior experience in the construction industry, combined with his love of people, have combined to make him an invaluable part of the Capstone3D team. When not involved with leasing a residential property or investigating how to improve one, Tony can often be found out on the Tallgrass Prairie keeping bees, tending to his chickens, or out fishing. He lives on the edge of Prairiewood with his two children, Maggie and Vincent, and his wife Gretchen.

Amy Brox – Director of Planning & Strategy

Amy joined the Capstone3D team in 2010, and brings her passion to be mindful and intentional with time and resources, and to maintain priorities with clear targets. Amy helps ‘connect dots’ across our company. She strives to increase efficiencies by keeping a pulse on our teams, structure and functions, and she fosters our culture of providing a respectful, positive, transparent and collaborative environment. When not focused on moving vision into plan for our company, she enjoys hiking, biking and hummingbird watching. Amy and her husband Dennis, have 2 children: Lydia and Anthony.

Nancy Herpich – Accounting & HR Administration

Nancy first joined the Capstone3D family helping with Prairiewood – one of Capstone3D’s hospitality developments. Her knack for business and operational effectiveness quickly led to a broadening of her role. Today, she is in charge of administration throughout our organization – including her specific duties of business administration. When not finding ways to improve our administrative effectiveness in carrying out our mission, Nancy can often be found with her family. She is married to Mark, and together they have three children: Cole, Megan, and Grant.

Erin Moore – Executive Operations Assistant

Erin brings her keen eye for detail and organization to her supportive role within the operational structure of Capstone3D, with her primary focus being administrative, tactical, and strategic support. Erin brings 10 years of administrative support experience to Capstone3D. She is a Manhattan native and K-State alumnus. When not keeping her eye on her many responsibilities within Capstone3D, she can often be found spending time with her friends and family, reading a good book, or spending time with her red heeler Heidi.

Jennifer Bussman – Director of Caretaking

Jennifer (“Jenn”) is a recent addition to our growing team, and brings with her a passion for effective processes and attention to detail. She manages our Caretaking Division without skipping a beat, overseeing the many aspects of making our spaces immaculate and welcoming for our tenants and guests. She also manages a household of 5 children with her husband Steve. She can often be found on the soccer field sidelines and enjoys supporting the many activities her children participate in.

Dave Navrat – Accounting & Compliance Controller

Dave joined Capstone3D in April 2017 as its corporate Controller responsible for overseeing all aspects of financial management. His purview includes financial statement preparation and reporting, budgeting, cash management, accounting processes, auditing & compliance, tax matters, and loan relations. Dave graduated from Kansas State University with a dual major in accounting and finance and has a wide and varied range of past experiences which suits him perfectly in his role at Capstone3D. His past roles include: financial consultant, CFO, and personal & corporate tax preparation in the areas of real estate, insurance, banking, and retail farm equipment. Dave lives in Manhattan with his wife and three children.

Stephanie Shaffer – Accountant

Stephanie’s undergraduate degree was earned in Language Arts, and now finds herself as one of the newest members of the Accounting department. She has loved exploring the fine details and finds joy in focusing closely in on tasks that require a fine-toothed approach. Although she never imagined herself in an Accounting department, accounting is to Stephanie as peanut butter is to chocolate: a match made to be!
In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors as well as collecting old dictionaries and being involved with a clogging group from Wamego, KS.

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