Historic Restoration

Historic Restoration

There is a story to be told by historic properties. They have seen things long since past, simpler times and more challenging times. Their story is an important part of the fabric of from which we come, and their preservation is an important part of the fabric of our future. When seeking to preserve an historic structure, we become a part of its story… an important story that has the opportunity to be told for years to come by the careful and sensitive approach we take today.

Historic Restoration

At Capstone3D, we pride ourselves in becoming a part of the story of historic properties. With great care and attention to detail, we approach each restoration project with honor and respect. We offer an extensive array of skill and experience in navigating the very unique challenges of preservation work, and enjoy the demands inherent in such projects. In particular, we thrive in maintaining the historic character and charm of historic structures, while updating them to meet the needs and conveniences of modern living.

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