office remodel

Sometimes the parameters of a commercial building project can strip it of its charm, leaving a rather functional but stale space. At Capstone3D, we believe the very definition of a successful project goes far beyond the mere functional. Because of their accessibility to a wider population than a private home, commercial spaces are powerful statements to the public – communicating the values, caliber, and personality of the organization housed within them. Accordingly, little excites us more than working with an organization to help ensure that their commercial building project produces a space that accurately communicates their identity. From surface remodels of existing space, to construction of full freestanding buildings, we have extensive experience in dealing with the unique dynamics of commercial space.

When combined with our unique Envision‑Build™ process, we offer a caliber of service and level of competency that ensures your commercial project is completed on time, on budget, and is far more than just functional. We are honored to play a part in creating commercial spaces that not only enhance the organization for which they are designed, but the community in which they are a part.

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