Design-Build Model


Why Design-Build?

With a conventional “design‑bid‑build” model, an owner works exclusively with an architect on the expensive and grueling process of turning their ideas into plans and drawings. Once drawings are created, they are sent out to various contractors and builders, requesting that they submit a “bid” for building what has been designed. Conventional logic says that by doing so, the lowest price will be gleaned and a builder can be selected… but conventional logic is showing itself to often be flawed.

Nothing is more frustrating for an owner than to find out from those bids that the cost of a project far exceeds the allotted budget. In such an instance, not only is there great frustration on the part of the owner, but there is great expense in going back to modify all the plans that were already completed. To make matters worse, there is valuable time lost in this modification process – a process for which there is no guarantee not to have to repeat several times! As a result, efficiency is lost, blind spots are created, and funds that could have been used for building costs are being spent instead on modifying plans.

By utilizing a “design‑build” model, such frustration and inefficiency is largely eliminated. Instead of bringing the builder into the process after all the plans have been created with an architect, the Design‑Build model brings the builder in from the very beginning, allowing immediate input and feedback on the costs and feasibility of various design ideas. From the very beginning, the budget of a project is known by everyone involved. The client, the architect, and the builder are all involved, allowing the development a set of plans that will suit both the budget and goals of the project. Unknowns are minimized, variables are controlled, decisions are educated, and efficiencies are maximized.

Envision-Build™ by Capstone3D…


With our unique Envision‑Build process, we embrace the proven benefit found in the increasingly popular “design-build” model, and expand upon it. The result is a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients, bringing the greatest efficiency, cohesion, and value possible to each project.

Through Envision‑Build, we begin with the end in mind: What is the end-goal for you, our client? How should it look outside your new hearth room window as you sit reading beside a warm fire? How should it function to share a meal with close friends on your new outdoor deck? What effect should your office have on those who enter it? Simply put, our Envision‑Build process is the approach we take to all of our own development projects; and its the only way we know to get the compelling results we are so passionate about creating.

From start to finish, our process with Envision‑Build is vertically integrated to bring the best of all our capabilities to the your project. We keep you informed throughout your project, allow for your continued input, and produce an end result that truly embodies the lost art of inspired design and craftsmanship.

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