Asset Management Services

Beyond Property Management

Most common-place property management is focused on keeping up occupancy, collecting rents, and taking care of required repairs. A few property management approaches go further, ensuring a pro-active approach to avoid deferred maintenance and marketing properties properly to optimize rents. Capstone3D Property Management does all of that, but our Asset Management Services goes further – beyond property management.

Capstone3D Asset Management is about the strategic management of income-producing investment property as an investment, not just a property to be kept full, rented, and repaired. It starts with a full suite of GAAP standard accounting services, and goes further by working with clients to establish clear investment objectives – including return on investment, improvement opportunities, and rent increase forecasting.

Eames Building Capstone 3D office entrance

Many investment property owners have for too long engaged with property management services, while hoping somehow that they will get investment management results. With Capstone3D’s approach to Asset Management, we help clients realize that strategic management of property investments doesn’t cost, it pays.

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