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The Science of Care

Capstone3D offers a fully integrated maintenance and repair overlay for all of the properties under our management. Furthermore, with a full service construction services capability under the same roof, we are able to offer expert guidance on a full spectrum of repairs. This elevated level of facility expertise affords our clients an unparalleled approach to decision making when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Instead of just relying on various vendor and sub-contractor recommendations, we are property facility experts, bringing our combined 50+ years of facility maintenance experience to the table at each and every decision. Most of that facility experience is from maintaining our own portfolio of properties… so when we say we’ll care for your property as if it were our own, its because that’s all we know how to do!

StoneHouse Exterior

This expert approached, steeped in our value of lasting stewardship rather than cheap fixes, is what enables Capstone3D to provide facilities to our Hospitality Guests and our Tenant Residents that are not only always in proper working order, but are beautiful as well. For us, maintenance isn’t just a matter of keeping things mechanically working, it is about embracing our role as stewards – engaged in the science of care.

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