Construction Services

We Build Experiences

Capstone3D offers a full array of artisan construction services, incorporating the best methods from over 50 years of combined construction experience. But we are not in the business so much of constructing projects as we are in building experiences. After all, building projects are not meant for museums to exhibit, they are meant for people to inhabit.

Prairiewood Barn Exterior, After

Design-Build Method

While there are many general contractors that know how to bid and build projects, we incorporate a more renaissance approach – one that harkens back to the historic Master Builder model when the art of craftsmanship was considered of highest esteem.

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StoneHouse Master Bath

Reclaimed Materials

There are few elements that have the power to transform a space like the tasteful incorporation of reclaimed materials. These materials are steeped in the history of their former life – and come complete with unmistakable beauty and character already built in!

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StoneHouse Kitchen

Historic Restoration

Working with historic spaces and projects is an honor, and not one to be taken lightly. Finding innovative solutions for incorporating modern conveniences and technology into historic spaces – while preserving and celebrating their story – is paramount importance.

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The Palace

Commercial Spaces

Our artisan approach to the construction process for commercial spaces may differ in the engineering and requirements, but it doesn’t differ in its objective: to create spaces that are inspirational, lasting, and highly functional. We believe commercial spaces shape not only their inhabitants, but the community.

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kitchen relocate 5

Remodels and Additions

Remodel and addition work is tricky… Creating a sense of cohesion and belonging, when working within the confines of an existing structure, can be elusive if not approached with great care and thoughtfulness. Our artisan approach involves ensuring that we work with an existing space, not against it!

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Custom Homes

Able to work from scratch to bring all of our methods together for the purpose of crafting a family’s home is among the greatest honors on which we embark. We are careful to ensure we will be of great value, because our methods are not the cheapest nor the fastest.

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