Design Services

Reclaimed Materials

The Paint

Once the concept (canvas) of a project – its objectives, its direction, its functions – has been determined, its time for the the design (paint) process to begin. Like our approach to the concept development process, our artisan approach to design involves looking through a comprehensive lens at the whole of the objectives and dynamics involved. Through that lens, Capstone3D brings our combined 25+ years of design experience – exploring possibilities that are unique, inspiring, and uncommon.

In this way, we creatively apply paint to the canvas, pushing and pulling it into textures and patterns until a compelling design emerges. We begin with the end in mind, envisioning the experiences that we are working to create in the space. And we hold painstakingly true to our values that the spaces we design must be inspiring, must be lasting, and must be highly functional.

As part of our design-build model, we offer comprehensive design services, including schematic design, interior design, architect administration, and landscape design.

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