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Highest & Best Use… Re-imagined

For years, the theoretical measure for evaluating real estate development has been the concept of “highest and best use”. This essentially means examining new opportunities – whether a raw piece of ground or the rehabilitation of an existing building – through the lens of what is most feasibly profitable. We believe that, while it should be one of the considerations, the highest and best use measure is not enough when the mission is to create truly extraordinary spaces – which in turn create extraordinary experiences in those spaces.

Our unique approach to real estate development goes well beyond the typical highest and best use measure commonly employed in the industry. We approach each opportunity through a more comprehensive lens; one the includes the intangibles as well as the tangibles. This artisan approach is a unique driving force to everything we do – leading us down the paths that most would have left unexplored, to new and creative solutions and ideas that can take a development concept from good, to extraordinary.

Capstone3D offers our clients this uncommon, artisan approach to real estate development, while incorporating their financial, return-on-investment goals. This pain-staking, diligent approach is at the heart of what we do – because we believe great projects are worth it.

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