Our Story…

Every company has a story, and we are no exception. We started out with the humble beginnings of simply working to restore a number of local rental dwellings around Manhattan, KS. In doing so, we fell in love with the process of creating transformation, both to the structures on which we worked and in the neighborhoods in which they were located. We also began to feel compelled about developing a business model that not only served our clients but our community. Accordingly, we expanded our staff as we found the hearts and talents which resonated with our goal – always believing from the beginning that who we are is more important than what we do.

About Us

As time passed, the pool of talent continued to grow. By paying attention to the unique abilities brought by each of our staff members, we birthed new services and capabilities – born out of the very hearts and talents of these special individuals. Today we are a growing little development company offering comprehensive construction services. We haven’t forgotten from where we came, and are more compelled today than ever by the vision of serving not only our clients but also our regional community. Each of us at Capstone3D, no matter our role, is motivated by pouring our heart and soul into successful projects… projects for which we can look back and feel proud to have been associated.


We are often asked about the “3D” portion of our name, and what it means. We prefer to think of what it symbolizes; a reminder of who we are and what we strive to offer. 3D is most commonly associated with the term “Three Dimensional”. We are literally three dimensional in the work we create, and metaphorically in the processes we employ. Most of all we are three dimensional in our approach; we thrive on challenges, are motivated by innovative solutions, are inspired by creative thinking, and are as interested in people as we are projects.

The symbol 3D also communicates something intangible… a sense of dynamic, inspired energy at work. Ironically, the field of construction is too often filled with projects that feel flat, stale, and monotonous. By the inclusion of 3D in our name, Capstone3D means to remind ourselves – as much as our clients – how important it is to be more.

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